I'm now 67 years old and starting to finally feel like I'm getting old.  I'm discovering things, both mental and physical, I used to do that I can no longer do.

The Mental Problem

     Mentally, I no longer have have a sustained concentration; I cannot continue a project and have the mentally energy to keep going on with it nor do I have the desire to start new something new that will require sustained mental effort. For me, one important example of this is photography.  I started in the film era and would spend hours and hours developing film and working with my enlarger my darkroom making prints. Now I have no gumption to enter my darkroom.  About as close as I get now is taking film photos, develop them in the old fashion way, and then scan them into my computer, and use Photoshop to enhance and ink jet print them.  But I'm increasingly finding this too is demanding and more and more am just taking digital photos  in the camera, transferring them to my computer, and doing all the finishing work there.

      I also don't seem to have the energy or incentive to start a new book or article.  I  still make notes and jot down ideas for them, store them in Evernote, but don't seem to have the ability to start organizing them and getting started by writing the first paragraph.   For example, in mid-April I'm going to the Long Beach Grand Prix, and would like to an article about my experience there.  But I can't seem to get my head around what the story is about; is it a scene or happening? or a racing story? or about my personal experience there?  I have been gathering a considerable amount of information about the event, but how do I get a handle on a theme and organize theme into a coherent story.  Any suggestions?

Physical Problems

     I have always been in relatively good physical shape despite a lifetime of smoking, and not doing any systematic exercise regime.  This all changed when the State of Illinois changed my supplemental health care company and they offered a Silver Slippers program, enabling my to go to a gym for free.  I've taken advantage of this and go every morning, using the tread machine and the machines to develop my upper body muscles.  It's too early to tell how it's working but I thinking I'm making progress as I can do more as time goes on.

     Well, time has gone on and I have discovered two facts.  The first is that I ca't develop my strength and endurance as fast as I thought I should.  I keep working and trying harder to develop but see very little progress.  I guess that, ast my age, this all is much harder and takes more time.  Second,  when I miss a  few days or even a week, I decline fairly fast, loosing both my t\strength and endurance.  I can build it mup again slowly but this is very frustrating.  I sometime wonder if all this exercise is really worth it.